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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust this platform?

Definitely. We're simply a middle-man, that's much safer than trading directly in a 'trustful' manner (like finding someone to directly trading with). We have a proven track record of transactions, transparent pricing, transparent transactions, and the platform was developed by trusted members of the BitClout community.

Why isn't the price of BitClout coins the same as on the official site?

Our platform represents the true price - the price the market is actually willing to pay. This varies; but it's the most honest representation of the price of BitClout. Because BitClout has delayed the launch of Withdraw functionality from the official platform, we're simply giving the market what they want - but that doesn't mean we decide the prices, we leave that up to the market.

What is the benefit to buyers?

Typically you will be able to purchase BitClout at a discounted rate compared with what you would get buying directly from the platform.

What is the benefit to sellers?

Currently there is no official way to withdraw BitClout, so even though you may have to take a lower price than stated on the official site, you at least now have a mechanism to be able to withdraw your coins back into Bitcoin.

Do you have any involvement with BitClout?

Not officially, we're just passionate users of the platform that wanted to make a convenient tool the market was demanding.

How do the fees work?

For buyers, they pay a 2% fee to the platform. They are also responsible for covering the bitcoin network fee to send us their portion of the transaction.

For sellers, they pay a 2% fee to the platform, plus they pay a bitcoin network fee. We have them pay us a network fee which we'll use when sending them their bitcoin; we don't charge such a fee to buyers as they're already paying one to send us their payment.

For now, BitClout network fees are minimal, so we just wear that cost.

How do dividends work?

For a full explanation, check out this page:

What will happen when BitClout releases a Withdraw function?

It depends heavily on how they implement this, and when it happens. We think it will be a while away, or we wouldn't have created this platform. We also believe they may start with some limitations on it to avoid too many people cashing out on day one, so we expect to be around for a little while.

What if I have more questions?

Hit the live chat, or email