Earning $BitClout is easy. Our rewards program is the best (and first) on the BitClout network.

Earn with Withdraw BitClout Dividends

WithdrawBitClout is the first creator coin that gives direct rewards, in the form of direct payments of BitClout to hodlers of our creator coin.

How it works:

When we process a transaction on the platform, we collect a small fee (2% from each party, plus a BTC network fee from the BitClout sellers side). The 2% from the BitClout side of the transaction is distributed as a dividend to owners of our BitClout Creator Coin.

Payouts are done periodically (roughly daily) to start, but will end up instant (so you'll be getting them very frequently throughout the day).

We love small coin-holders too, so 10% of dividends are distributed evenly to all coinholders with over 0.001 of our creator coins. The other 90% is paid out proportionally to how many coins you own (i.e. more coins, more dividends).

The best part - it's all completely transparent; all transactions on our platform are recorded on the BitClout blockchain, and we're completely transparent.

To start earning instantly, simply buy our coin at: https://bitclout.com/u/withdrawbitclout